How to Attract Women- 4 Deadly Things to Avoid

The art of attracting women requires one to master a few important aspects while discarding some useless ones. More importantly, though there are certain mistakes that you must avoid as a man every time you are dating. Below are four deadly mistakes that men should purpose to avoid every time they date.


How can I attract more women? The first mistake that you should avoid is the need to feel loved and appreciated by the woman he dates. This type of man is annoying just like a kid who seeks attention and approval from adults around in order to be rewarded. The temptation most women face in this case is to feel pitiful for such men and can choose to stay with them out of guilt. However, such relationships never last long because they are always under the pressure thus very slim chances exist for the relationship lasting because there is no way a woman will leave a confident man for such a weakling.


Men should try their best to refrain from thinking that relationship and dating is about look, age and money. While these may be motivation for some women, not every individual falls on the same category since most women want to be valued for whom they are and not based on looks or what they have to offer. A better approach would be to use your confidence levels to attract a woman and discuss the details later after knowing each other. Read facts about flirting here at


One other mistake revolves around the nice guy clich?. Most men are using this strategy as a means of attracting women without realizing that there is more to it than being nice and accommodating. Doing everything your woman wants and expects may be a good thing but it is sometimes seen as an insecurity form whereby the man does not want to man up and take risks and would rather comply with everything g the lady says. While this may be attractive, it wears down since the woman needs to be excited and not maintain a boring lifestyle.


The fourth mistake made by most men is the reluctance to learn about how to attract women. It is amazing what simple skills acquired through inquiries can do to your dating expertise. Never assume that you know everything when it comes to dating a woman. Check out this Video on how to attract women.


After all, the dating scene keeps changing. It is only by keeping up to date that you will know how to please your woman. Never take anything for granted if you want to get it right.